Evidence-based Integrated Morphology Cleavage embryo score - IMC

The Integrated morfology cleaveage score, ICM, is a very important part of the prediction model.

It is essential that the embryos ARE scored in a correct way according to the published criteria. For a complete presentation of the research behind the model, read the published paper.

Published paper

The IMC score is published in Human Reproduction Vol.22, No.2 pp. 548–557, 2007, and the paper can be found on Human Reproduction’s web site as an pdf document.
Link: Human Reproduction, Volume 22 Issue 2 February 2007, Embryology

Practical use of IMC

To use IMC you need to score three properties of the embryo at day 2.

- Blastomeres
- Nuclei
- Equality or regularity

The number of blastomeres is an easy count.
The nuclei count is easy if you already know the technique, otherwise follow the instructions.
The equality or regularity is quite easy.

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